Massage Therapy Infusion

Skilled use of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage techniques combined with intuitive listening to the body and it’s energetic holding patterns provide a deeply satisfying body work session with the focus of restoring divine alignment and enlightened body consciousness.

60 minutes ~  $80

90 minutes ~  $120

120 minutes ~ $145

Stone Enhancement Therapy

Utilizing the deep healing medicine of earth to absorb and release negative energies stored in the muscle tissue, hot stone therapy can add a deeper grounding and soothing experience to  your massage session.

90 minutes ~ not available at this time

4-6 stones add on to massage

1 to 1 Infusion Focus

Personal sessions incorporating body awareness, body/energy/emotional holding patterns, grounding techniques/exercises, and understanding of the energetic body and how it manifests.  We will address what is showing up for you in the moment and create tools to help you navigate in a more mindful, present way.

90 min ~  $120

Infusion Flow

Group classes incorporating easy stretching and opening of the energy flow and pathways, breath work focus, Supreme Science Qigong and guided meditation.  Leave feeling rejuvenated, centered and embodied!