The work of Infusion is about bringing divine consciousness back into the body.  It’s about bringing awareness back into form.  Our bodies are often full of forgetting, and that’s when you experience aches and pains, low energy, grumpiness, and lack of enthusiasm for life.  By assisting the body to remember blood flow, oxygen, movement and the deep, innate connection to the elemental world, you are provided with a wholeness and reconnection to life force that is like a breath of fresh air.

Infusion is specifically tailored to serve your healing in the moment and that changes from day to day and person to person.  A session may simply be a deeply relaxing full body massage allowing space to recenter and regroup from a stressful week.  It may be pain specific treatment, following the dysfunction to the root cause and addressing the pattern of imbalance stored there.  It may also be a time where an emotional element needs to be tended to and processed through with enlightened understanding.  Whatever way your consciousness needs to be infused. My role as a healing arts practitioner is to hold a grounding, compassionate space full of authentic presence and knowledgeable touch, providing you with a rich exploration into your unique healing experience.

Where it comes from…

Elemental Infusion was born out of a personal journey of healing and self exploration.  With a sudden onset of unexplainable, debilitating neck and shoulder pain that lasted over six years I made my way along a healing path of doctors, therapists of many modalities, practitioners of new and strange techniques, and healers from a wide array of traditions.  Each step took me deeper into a connection with my true self.  It was like waking up from a deep sleep.

Some modalities worked, some didn’t.  Many said they had no idea what was wrong with me.  I was even told once by a doctor that the pain was all in my head.  What did work for me though was continuing to follow the thread to greater understanding about how I chose to show up in life or not.  It wasn’t so much about one person having the answer for me, it was about learning and growing and waking up to what feeds and nourishes me in life.

I received so much insight from each person I worked with along the way.  I decided that I wanted to be a part of this healing journey for others as well.  To provide pieces of the puzzle that helped me in hopes of assisting others as well.  It’s not about “fixing” someone but about creating healing space for insight and awareness to surface.  It’s about being in service and helping along the way.

Deep healing is often a life style change, but the goal is to hopefully be aware enough and listen more often to the wake up calls instead of needing a knock on the head to know something is off and needs tending to.

I’ve come to understand discomfort and dis-ease as great teachers.  Not always pleasant, but always an opportunity to pay attention and ask what is it we need to infuse with more awareness and consciousness.


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