The story of our path to health and wholeness, ease and growth is held within us, all that is required is for us to tune in and listen.

The world these days seems to be increasingly more challenging to stay centered, grounded and peaceful in.

Do you find your self agitated and depleted by the constant tension held in your body?

Do you  feel overwhelmed and spread too thin by all the responsibilities demanding your attention?

Are you noticing a heaviness physically, emotionally or energetically?

Wild Ginger Healing Arts provides you with space to replenish and refresh both body and soul.

Are you finding it difficult to move forward with a shift or change you've been presented with recently? Do you find your self unable to shift old patterns of relating with others and with your self?

Therapeutic treatments with Wild Ginger Healing Arts help with balancing and aligning from within so you can let go of old holding patterns and moving forward with strength and clarity.

In the light of hands on healing touch received by the village healers of the past, therapeutic massage sessions with Wild Ginger Healing Arts provide you with a nurturing environment full of ease and patience where you will feel deeply cared for.  With the help of a compassionate, skilled therapist you can restore the inner quiet needed to reenergize from the core and be ready for a new day.  Let go of the stress stored in your body and embrace the tranquility available for you.

Wild Ginger Healing Arts ~

A place to find your center.




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Praise and Testimonials

“Crystal has been healing my body for over 7 years.  I met her when I was pregnant with my first child and have continued to return to her time and time again.  Crystal has a gentle way of helping you through transitions.  I visit Crystal when my body and my mind are out of alignment.  She grounds me and brings me back into myself.  She is a treasure.”


“I had immediate and noticeable improvement after only one session with Crystal.  The work itself was fluid, skillful, and very client-directed.  I’ve been involved with process-oriented healing for over 12 years and Crystal displayed an aptitude and fluency that I’ve found exceedingly rare in the world.”


“As a former massage therapist, I deeply appreciate Crystal’s warm, empathic manner, her balanced sensibilities, and fine insight. Not only is her energy work healing and effective, but her caring presence and genuine interest in the growth and well-being of her clients is evident. She is a real treasure. For these reasons and more, I  recommend her to all who seek greater health and wholeness in their lives.”